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The Exclusive Skin Treatment for Post-Vampire Procedures


Frequent Altar™ Questions

If you have any additional questions or need further clarification, please email us or call/text (424) 202-2367. 


What is SBD-4?

SBD-4 is a patented, natural ingredient extracted from the root of the Angelica sinensis plant that provides optimal healing and preventative results to the skin. SBD-4 has gone through extensive clinical testing and has demonstrated an ability to drive significant improvements in the quality and health of skin. Our products are backed by science from the first stages of development to the packaging of our final product formulations.


Do you offer samples? 

Yes!  If you are a new member of the CMA program, we are happy to mail you a sample of Altar™.  Click the "Contact" button and send us a message including your full name, the name and address of your practice along with the request message for a free sample.


How do I offer Altar™at my practice?

Only practices that are certified Vampire Procedure providers are able to sell Altar™.  To become a certified provider, please contact the Cellular Medicine Association office at or call (888) 920-5311.


Do you offer sales support?

Yes!  We would love to work together to build a thriving, prosperous Altar™  business for your practice.  We are a small, hands-on company that understands the value of teamwork to meet your business goals.  We welcome all questions and are available to schedule phone meetings to help enhance your Altar™ business.  To connect with sales support, please fill out the email form on the Contact page.  


How do I change my subscription?

You are in total control of your Altar™ subscription and can change your subscription level at anytime.  All information is available when you log into your profile.  If you need assistance, please connect with us on the Contact page.